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          horizontal leaf filters (RS/RB)


          Product  Specifications :    

                 The filter leaves are vertical mounted in the horizontal leaf filter body. The filter is available in retractable bundle (RB) or shell versions (RS).  In the retractable bundle (RB) the filter leaves are built onto a carrier, which can easily be removed from the filter for manual cleaning using a hydraulic or a gear drive. In the retractable shell (RS) the leaves are fixed in the bundle and the shell retracts.

                For dry cake discharge this filter is equipped with a pneumatic vibrator. For wet cake discharge the filter is equipped with an oscillating sluice pipe positioned above the filter leaves. 

                 The filtration area range is from 5 to 180 m². The filters can be equipped with swing bolt or clamp ring closure to open the filter and remove the carrier. The large leaf filters are driven by the motor gearbox, gear reducer and sliding rail. 


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